I am from a little village in Burgundy, la Roche-Vineuse, whose name readily gives an idea of the main activity of the area. I started learning classical piano in the excellent music school of the village. At some point the French national TV gave us the honor of a short documentary, entitled "Learning Music in a Rural Enviromnent". Although this title could sound like we were extracting ourselves from the mud to reach a higher level of culture, this documentary actually reflected the energy and demand that was put there by truly incredible teachers; with an emphasis on being able to play with other people. Thanks to my teacher Corine Labat, we had the chance to play such amazing pieces as the Bach concertos for 3 and 4 pianos, with a full orchestra and up to 8 pianists, one hand each.

Later I started to enjoy listening to jazz music, and I looked for a jazz piano teacher in Paris. That's how I met Fred Choquet, an amazing teacher and human being, who taught me a lot, and one essential thing that's always in my mind: play something you truly feel. I'm not sure I keep up to this demanding task but I am trying.

During my stay in Ann Arbor Michigan I played with a small band which was writing its own songs, which was lot of fun.

But what I really wanted was to play some jazz tunes. So when I arrived in Dresden in 2010 and Ewa Paluch introduced me to the awesome bass player Tim Cross, it was a very exciting start. Having similar goals and matching musical sensibilities, it has been a great pleasure since then to go together through songs that we really enjoy. After a great period playing with Per Widlund on trumpet, we went as a duo for a while. We then were lucky enough to start playing with the awesome tabla player Debo Chakaborty, who has really brought a new, exciting and original feel and sound to our band. The Pangaea Trio is the result of this experience and we only hope it gets better with time.